Volex Power is awarded an SME Instrument Phase 1 grant

Voelx Power awarded an SME Instrument Phase 1 grant to facilitate rapid entrance to the European market.

Volex Power is a part of the GTEC accelerator program

GTEC is part of a Horizon 2020 project called Soft-Landing, which connects startup ecosystems through numerous exchanges of ecosystem leaders and top startups, strengthening the knowledge of the EU, US, and Indian startup scene.

It also provides soft-landing and scaling support to European startups.


Volex power wins a 1.2 million NIS contract with the Israel Minstery of Energy

The Israel Minstery of Energy awarded Volex Power a research contract worth 1.2 million NIS to develop a Hybrid transformer to help stabilize the voltage swings due to decentralized power generation.

Volex Power solution will be tested at Tel Aviv University

Volex Power signs an agreement for development and testing with Tel Aviv University. As part of the agreement, Tel Aviv University joins Volex Power as a shareholder through it’s commercialization company, Ramot.

Ramot is the Business Engagement Center at Tel Aviv University, one of Israel’s foremost research and teaching universities. Founded in 1956, Tel Aviv University is located in Israel’s cultural, financial and industrial center. Rooted in both academic and corporate arenas, Ramot is uniquely positioned to cultivate the special relationships between these two compelling worlds, creating win-win connections that support fertile, groundbreaking research while providing companies with discoveries that give them a crucial competitive edge. More than 130 companies have had their start at Ramot since 1999.

Israel Electric Company is a seed investor in Volex Power

The Isarel Electic Company (IEC) signed a seed investment contact with Volex Power.

IEC is Israel major Electric Company serving more than 8 million people with over 13GW peak capacity.