Who are we

Volex Power was founded in 2016 with a seed investment from the Israeli Electric Company and Tel Aviv University. Our product transforms conventional, passive, distribution transformers into a smart device, which contributes to grid stability and resilience. Moreover, our technology facilitates a great increase of the percentage of distributed generation and renewable energy acceptable by the grid. This is attained by real-time optimizing the voltage at many points in the distribution grid.

What we do

Volex Power developed an add-on unit that is fitted to conventional distribution transformers (even to already installed ones), transforming them into smart transformers that can be controlled in real time. The add-on unit only process a small amount of the power (roughly 5%) and thus is lighter, smaller and cheaper, and much faster than any existing solution (e.g.  tap-transformer).

Power electronics based add-on device

Using advance power electronics, Volex Power is able to regulate the voltage in the distribution grid. The company has a 100-kVA prototype tested with the Israeli Electric Company. A voltage change of 5% is shown to take about 10 ms, with minimal disturbance to the grid. The prototype weight is 38 kg and size of 45cm X 45cm X 60cm.

Additional value

In addition to the power electronics needed to control the voltage the Volex Power’s Add-on unit consist of communication and various sensors such as voltage, current, temperature and vibrations. This will enable us to offer additional services such as local optimization and preventive maintenance.

Management Team

Liran Katzir
CEO & co-founder

Dr. Liran Katzir is a founder of Volex power and has served as a director and Chief Executive Officer since 2016.

Prior to founding Volex Power, Dr. Katzir was an R&D Manger at Betterplace, a startup in the field of electric vehicle charging infrastructure. Previously, Dr. Katzir worked at Applied Materials in various R&D positions developing state-of-art complex systems for the semiconductor industry.

Liran holds a Phd in Engineering from Tel Aviv University.

Doron Shmilovitz
VP Technology & co-founder

Dr. Doron Shmilovitz is a co-founder of Volex power and has served as a director and Chief technologist since 2016.

Dr. Shmilovitz has been a professor of Electrical Engineering at Tel Aviv University, Israel since 1999. Prior to joining Tel-Aviv University, he was a Post-Doctorate Fellow with New York Polytechnic University, Brooklyn, NY, USA. He authored or co-authored over 150 papers that were published in top journals and scientific meetings and has served as adviser for numerous companies in the field of power electronics and renewable energy systems.

Shaul Ozeri
CTO & co-founder

Dr. Ozeri is a veteran in the technology space with a significant record of achievements in the development and commercialization of new technologies, such as high bit rate DataCom, medical devices, and photovoltaic energy harvesting.

Shaul holds a Ph.D in Electrical Engineering from the Tel-Aviv University.

Ralph Robbins
VP Business Development

Accomplished in developing and  executing international cooperation agreements. Founded and managed a private hospital.  Worked as business development advisor for five Virginia Governors.

MBA, Wharton, University of Pennsylvania